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Scooter & Leife Seavey

Scooter & Leife are the official mascots and greeters of Seavey Vineyard.

Scooter the silver Schnauzer is genteel, like his master, Bill Seavey. He is calm and reserved, rarely barks and always cordial to friends and strangers alike. He loves attention, often at Leife's expense, and can become a bit jealous if Leife receives more love.

Leife has classic Jack Russell terrier tendencies, meaning she has a Napoleanic complex and thinks she is bigger, stronger, and faster than she really is. She is friendly and fun-loving with all people though she loves to "tear after" animals. One of her favorite pastimes at Seavey Vineyard is mixing it up with the cows and the bull, as well as the coyotes — and anything else moving in the bushes.

Leife is defiant and loves to stay outdoors at night while Scooter knows better, preferring the creature comforts of the indoors. But with defiance, a price is always paid: Leife has survived (we don't know how or why) a number of coyote attacks in recent years, including 17 puncture wounds the last time she tangled with them. 

When she shoots wildly out into the bush or vineyards, Scooter sometimes begrudgingly follows just to make sure she doesn't get into too much trouble. If you call them back from the one of their jaunts, beware as Leife may be carrying a tasty "gift" for you.

LeifeWhen you visit Seavey Vineyard, make sure to rub Scooter's ears and give Leife a pat.....or three. They help look after the vineyard and deserve a little credit for their work.